Botanical Guide



salon exclusive | botanically infused

alfalfa rich in protein, stimulates scalp and root area to help promote healthy hair growth
almond “plumps” fine hair while providing a natural light emollient for each hair strand
aloe vera curative possessing moisturizing qualities
argan oil rich in vitamin e and essential fatty acids
avocado vitamins a, b, d and e to protect against free radicals and nourish the scalp
baobob uses vitamins a, d and e to increase hair elasticity
black pearl powder protects against free radicals, smoothes and blocks uv rays that can fade hair colour
blueberry rich in antioxidants and emollients
blue malva neutralizes golden hues and intensifies cool tones
brazil nut rich in protein and builds strength
burdock root rich in essential fatty acids; it naturally detoxifies while adding strength and volume
carrot seed rich in beta-carotene, vitamins b, c, d and e to help shield hair from external aggressions while helping eliminate surface build-up
chamomile possesses gentle healing and anti-inflammatory qualities while soothing the scalp
cocoa is rich in antioxidants and emollients
coconut oil moisturizes the hair adding luster, shine and softness, prevents hair breakage and split ends
comfrey is an emollient with natural healing benefits
coneflower has moisturizing qualities and improves manageability
cucumber is a healing agent and rich in antioxidants
dead sea salt adds density and texture to the hair
eucalyptus is a natural clarifying eradicator that helps maintain a clean hair surface
fig is rich in antioxidants possessing healing and anti-aging qualities
grapefruit is a ph equalizer rich in antioxidants
grapeseed is rich in antioxidants and emollients
green tea neutralizes the spread of free radicals which occur during the oxidation process
honey (+vitamin b5) is a protein rich intense reconstructor that includes all eight essential amino acids for healthy hair and scalp
jojoba is one of nature’s most effective curative for treating the scalp
lavender is a rich emollient that helps calm and soothe hair fiber
lime blossom is a scalp stimulant that enables mild exfoliation, boosts shine and rejuvenates hair fiber
mango is a natural vitamin e that lays down a protective barrier locking in moisture
marshmallow root possesses emollient qualities that helps add shine to hair shaft
mint is healing and soothing to the hair and scalp
nettle is an anti-inflammatory that provides natural dandruff control, stimulates hair follicle and gentle cleansing
olive extract possesses anti-aging and softening qualities
peppermint is used for its medicinal and healing benefits as well as its hair detoxifying and cleaning properties
pomegranate is healing and soothing to hair and scalp
pro vitamin b5 infuses moisture and has moisture-binding qualities
rose geranium has great moisturizing and emollient qualities
rosemary is used to increase volume, strengthen fine hair, and stimulate follicles
rosemary mint possesses natural invigorating effects on scalp
safflower has natural vitamin e which possesses moisturizing qualities
sage is an antioxidant and ph equalizer
sea kelp is rich in protein, stimulates scalp and root area which promotes healthy hair growth
seaweed is rich in vitamins a, b, c, e and antioxidants
tea tree is used for its medicinal and healing benefits as well as its hair detoxifying and cleansing properties
thyme is an antioxidant that stimulates circulation and helps prevent product build-up
vanilla helps protect hair from free radical damage
walnut is healing, anti-aging and rich in antioxidants
wheat protein is plant based proteins to help strengthen hair fiber while smoothing the cuticular layer
yarrow is used for its anti-inflammatory qualities


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